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How does the use of Wavefront technology help our patients? The vision specialists at Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. want patients to know how significant this technology has been in advancing the field of laser vision correction. Using the incredible Wavefront system, Dr. Lewis is able to sculpt the cornea to never before achieved correction levels using high tech measurement tools.

To understand how Wavefront works, one first needs to grasp the concept behind it. Utilizing scientific studies of the optical system, scientists have been able to apply “adaptive optics,” or removing blurring images observed in optical systems, to improve the way LASIK improves a patient’s vision.

With the incredible capabilities of the Wavefront system, doctors are now able to measure even the most subtle optical aberrations or distortions. Once an individual’s unique optical characteristics are identified and analyzed, this information is sent to the VISX WaveScan laser in preparation for customized LASIK treatment. From the doctor, to the Wavefront measurements, to the actual laser treatment, a person’s optical system hides no secrets or surprises.

Once we know exactly what kind of vision aberrations we’re dealing with, we can tailor a patient’s treatment for ultimate personalization. Many centers with the Wavefront technology in place will testify to the extreme precision it allows, and reveal that Wavefront patients report clearer vision and better overall results.

Wavefront LASIK may also be recommended for patients who’ve had refractive surgery, but failed to get the vision results they desired. It is also recommended for patients with large pupils and those who have glare especially while driving at night.

Learn more about Wavefront technology in Denver and Cherry Creek at Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. Call or email our experienced LASIK team today for your complete eye evaluation.

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