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Cherry Creek area laser eye surgeon, Dr. Lewis and his team rely on patient education to help individuals achieve a high level of comfort during their visit and when questions or concerns arise. These commonly asked questions below provide helpful information regarding the EpiLASIK procedure:

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What advantages does the EpiLASIK procedure offer?

What advantages does the EpiLASIK procedure offer?

Epi-LASIK is the first procedure of its kind, offering results comparable to LASIK, but with a slightly different approach. Because the flap created during Epi LASIK is much thinner, potential errors associated with this step are eliminated. The healing process is not as involved as with PRK, and the visual recovery is more rapid and comfortable than with some other laser vision correction techniques.

Will PRK, EpiLASIK, or LASIK deliver the best vision results?

Will PRKEpiLASIK, or LASIK deliver the best vision results?

All three procedures deliver comparable results. The only way to make a decision about which vision correction procedure can offer one freedom from glasses and contacts is to first undergo a refractive screening. Schedule a free consultation with Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. for skilled advice on which procedure will lead to the desired results.

All three offer unique advantages, and depending on a patient’s unique screening results and current health, one may be recommended over the other. Or an individual may be a good candidate for all three and have the freedom to choose. While LASIK is generally the first choice for patients with no unusual circumstances, EpiLASIK is often the procedure of choice for patients with thin corneas or restrictive corneal conditions.

What should one know about the EpiLASIK healing process?

What should one know about the EpiLASIK healing process?

Following Epi LASIK, patients asked to wear a soft bandage contact lens for quick healing, and should understand that clear vision may take up to 5 days to return. Discomfort is minimal and most Epi LASIK patients are usually back to work the next day. Vision is stabilizes within 2 – 3 months.

What does "EpiLASIK" stand for?

What does “EpiLASIK” stand for?

Epi-LASIK is an abbreviation for Epithelial Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. This translates into shaping the cornea superficially from within it.

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