EpiLASIK – Bladeless Surgery

EpiLASIK is the newest refractive procedure that has been gaining widespread popularity in Denver and other cities as an effective alternative to LASIK. In fact, Dr. Lewis brought this procedure to Denver after extensive discussions with the physician who developed it. EpiLASIK provides state-of-the-art vision correction for patients who may not meet the criteria for LASIK or those who are concerned about having a corneal flap created during LASIK. Patients with corneas deemed to thin, steep, or flat for LASIK may be able to look to EpiLASIK for a similar high quality of vision enhancement. EpiLASIK may also be a better alternative for patients with notably high refractive errors.

EpiLASIK bladeless surgery is considered to be a combination of the LASIK procedure and the PRK procedure. It differs from LASIK in that the surgeon moves the top layer of epithelial cells to the side with a special instrument instead of creating a deeper flap. Then, the cornea is targeted with the laser to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. After the laser treatment, the surface cells are either moved gently back into place or removed completely.

Healing time for EpiLASIK is generally faster than with PRK, but slower than with LASIK.


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