CK (Conductive Keratoplasty)

For many, when their eyes suddenly don’t work like they use to, they wonder what happened to their years of great vision. Conductive Keratoplasty is the latest trend in vision correction – a veritable answer to the question, “How does a person get rid of their reading glasses?” With CK, clear vision is just around the corner.

With this FDA approved procedure, the cornea is manipulated to a patient’s specifications using controlled radiofrequency energy. Farsightedness and presbyopia are instantly corrected as the applied RF waves generate the heat necessary to shrink collagen and increase the corneal curvature. With CK, there is no blade used, and the RF energy is applied gently using a high tech wand. The result is clear, natural vision without glasses.

With well over 100,000 CK procedures performed in the U.S., this technique (which is newer than LASIK) is gaining popularity with baby boomers who want to be proactive about their vision. CK is notable for being a thoroughly tested and ultimately safe procedure. If a candidate is over 40 with good distance vision and lagging near vision, deciding to have this procedure may be a wise choice.

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