Hyperopia: Farsightedness

Hyperopic patients are diagnosed as such because their eyes are shorter than they should be. Hyperopic, or farsighted, patients experience blurred vision at near distances, but they are able to view far objects with ease (at younger ages).

A cornea that is too flat or an eye that is too short can cause hyperopia. This is because the light that enters the eye is virtually focused on a point somewhere behind the retina rather than directly on it.

Hyperopia can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses that allows patients to read and perform tasks at both close distance ranges. Without glasses or contacts, hyperopia may cause headaches and eye fatigue from squinting and straining to see near objects.

Laser vision correction can now be performed to correct many forms of hyperopia. Generally, if one has hyperopia, they will also have a flatter, thinner cornea. Because of this condition, LASIK is sometimes not the best laser vision correction option.

LASIK requires that a small amount of corneal tissue be used (about 150 microns) to create a corneal flap and an additional amount removed to reshape the corneal tissue so that light focuses directly onto the retina.

Other vision correction procedures like PRK or EpiLASIK are all laser vision correction procedures that need a much smaller amount of corneal tissue.

In each of these later two procedures, only the epithelial or surface cells of the cornea are moved or removed prior to reshaping the curve of the cornea. This means that if one has a very steep or thin cornea, there is usually some form of laser vision correction that can be used to help provide better vision.

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