Tecnis™ Multifocal Lens

Cataract Vision Correction


The Tecnis™ implant offers patients the opportunity to have clear vision with both near and far distances, a much more attractive option than traditional single-vision implants. With this multifocal IOL, recipients can experience quality vision while reading the paper or driving a car.

Choose the Tecnis™ IOL for insertion during cataract surgery or simply for refractive benefit. After removal of the eye’s natural lens, the Tecnis™ IOL is inserted in its place. With its patented optic design, Tecnis™ is gaining followers throughout Colorado and the U.S. Unlike the Crystalens™ implant, Tecnis™ is not dependent on the optical muscles for accommodation. Described as two lenses in one, Tecnis™ offers the benefit of clear near vision as well as clear far vision.

Tecnis™ recipients appreciate the flexibility and wide range of activities that are made possible following surgery. The independence factor is a big draw – no more hassling with reading glasses or contacts!

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