Multi-Focal Lenses & Cataracts

Over the last several years, cataract surgery has become a routine procedure for many people who suffer from this common ailment. While cataracts are most common in older people, they can also occur in younger people, and can also be a side effect of diabetes.

Not only has cataract surgery become routine, but it’s also been improved upon greatly. At one time, after cataracts were removed, you had to depend on very thick glasses in order to see at all, because the affected lens was completely removed and not replaced with anything to help restore normal vision. Later, surgeons developed a way to insert an artificial lens, known as an intraocular lens, or IOL, to replace the cataract-afflicted lens.

While this was a great improvement over having no lens at all in the eye, these IOLs could only provide clear eyesight at a single distance, leaving the patient still dependent on glasses for reading or long-distance viewing depending on what type of IOL was used.

Now, cataract patients have the option of using multi-focal IOLs. A multi-focal IOL combines simple lens replacement with vision correction, allowing for improved eyesight at multiple distances. Many patients who choose multi-focal IOLs don’t have to wear glasses at all after their cataract surgery – over 90% according to some studies. In fact, technology has advanced so much that certain kinds of IOLs now can even be used to correct astigmatism.

Since some of these lenses are relatively new to the market, ad often require specific implant techniques, it’s important to find an eye surgeon, such as Dr. Lewis, who’s had experience in their use in cataract surgery. For more information on multi-focal intraocular lenses for cataracts, please contact Denver, Colorado eye surgeon Dr. Stuart Lewis at Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

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