Cataract Before Care and Cataract After Care Instructions

Home Instructions Before Cataract Surgery or Lens Extraction

  • Arrange transportation for the day of surgery and possibly the 1-day post-operative appointment.
  • Make sure all financial arrangements/insurance questions have been resolved prior your surgery date.
  • Do not eat for 8 hours before surgery. Take all your regular medications with sips of water (no juice or coffee).  For medications to lower blood sugar including insulin, consult with your doctor on the proper dose.  This usually means taking ½ of your usual insulin dose because you will have fasted for 8 hours.
  • Start the prescribed eye drops one day before surgery with 5 minutes between drops.
  • Wear comfortable clothing with a top that buttons or zips down the front. Please do not wear jewelry or makeup.
  • Bring a photo ID and your insurance information with you to the surgery center.

Home Instructions Immediately (same day) Following Cataract Surgery

  • Go home, take it easy and use common sense.
  • Resume most of your usual activities – walking, watching TV, reading and going out to dinner are fine.
  • Please wear either glasses or the protective shield at all times. Wear the shield at night for protection.
  • Resume taking your regular medications and prescribed eye drops about 4 hours after your procedure.
  • You may use Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil or Aleve for mild irritation or discomfort. Applying cold to the area in the form of ice in a zip-lock bag or light bag of frozen vegetables. This also helps with any discomfort.
  • You may bathe but make sure you keep the operative eye closed. The eyelids may be gently cleansed with a clean, moistened washcloth or cotton balls.  Avoid vigorous rubbing of the affected eye.
  • Please do not drink alcohol, drive a car or go back to the office the same day as your procedure.
  • Limit lifting anything over about 40 lbs. and avoid any sustained head down postures (downward dog).
  • Do not go into hot tubs or go swimming pools (for 2 weeks) following your procedure.

Additional Advice following Cataract/Implant Surgery beginning the Day after Surgery

  • You may drive the day following surgery if you feel comfortable with your vision.
  • Avoid eye rubbing.
  • Avoid wearing eye makeup for 1 week following surgery.
  • Wear to protective eye shield to sleep for 3 nights (not days) following your procedure.
  • Sunglasses are optional but are highly recommended as you may be light sensitive for about a week.
  • Showering and shampooing can be done with care not to splash water into the operated eye.
  • Mild to moderate exercise such as jogging, road biking, golf or elliptical workouts are fine. Highly strenuous activities such as mountain biking, yoga, mountain biking or mogul skiing should be avoided for one week.  Full activity (except for swimming and hot tubs) may be resumed after one week.
  • Over-the-counter readers may be used until a new prescription is given (3-4 weeks after surgery) or if your old glasses work, they can be used.
  • Usually, the post-operative appointment schedule consists of 3 visits:
    Appointment #1:  The day following surgery
    Appointment #2:  3 to 4 weeks following surgery
    Appointment #3:  3 months following surgery

If you have any significant pain, worsening of vision or other concerns, do not hesitate to call us at:
303-691-2228; even if it is a weekend (an on-call doctor is always available).

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