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Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision loss for men and women over age 45.

In other words, because I use the latest equations to calculate the implant power in concert with the ORA System (Intraoperative Wavefront Aberrometry), the choice of IOL is more precise than using traditional equations alone. This also allows for better results in patients who have had previous refractive procedures such as lasik or PRK.

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision loss for men and women over age 45 and, sooner or later, most men and women will likely have to deal with this frustrating vision disturbance. Cataract formation is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens that affects the way light passes through the optical system. Although not every cataract will require removal, these changes commonly cause an impairment of one’s vision either by reducing your acuity or causing glare in bright light.

The eye’s lens, located behind the iris and pupil, should focus light onto the retina and seamlessly adjust focus. When cataracts cloud the vision, the lens is rendered unable to effectively carry out its role in the vision process and light is scattered inefficiently.

Cataracts can be classified as nuclear, cortical, or subcapsular depending upon where they are located in the lens. The specific cause of cataracts is often impossible to diagnose in each case. Aging, family history, certain medical conditions like diabetes, and unprotected exposure to sunlight can be contributing factors.

For patients who face sight-threatening cataracts, the key to stopping vision loss before it forces an individual to lose his or her independence is identifying and treating the condition when a lack of vision interferes with their ability to carry on daily functions. If you haven’t been in for your annual eye exam yet this year, it is recommended you schedule as soon as it is convenient for you to do so. Though many cases of cataract development occur slowly over time, cataract formation can develop relatively quickly in some patients. Some patients may be able to avoid surgery if the cataract formation doesn’t appear to be growing. Regardless of one’s situation, Dr. Lewis gives honest answers about cataract conditions during a patient’s vision consultation.

When people have experienced periods of blurry vision but aren’t sure why, cataract formation could be the culprit. Light sensitivity, fuzzy vision, double vision and noticeable glare can be sure signs of cataract development.

Does the cataract description seem familiar? Visit us for a thorough eye evaluation, helpful information and honest answers. We’ll recommend the best course of treatment, if needed, to protect a patient’s vision.

Once a cataract is discovered and is deemed to interfere with your ability to carry on daily functions, what’s the next step? The only way to effectively combat the negative effects of a cataract is to have cataract surgery to remove the eye’s natural cloudy lens and replace it with a clear lens implant. The options for lens replacement are now more advanced than ever. With extensive experience treating thousands of cataract patients in Colorado, Dr. Lewis is committed to providing patients with the latest, most effective surgical options. More about cataract surgery

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye.


A normal view:


The same view as seen through an eye with a cataract:


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