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As we have mentioned before, Denver CK surgeon Dr. Lewis and his team rely on patient education to help candidates achieve a high level of comfort during their visit and when questions or concerns arise. Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the CK procedure:

If you’re considering all your vision correction options, look into the benefits of Conductive Keratoplasty at Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. Our Denver CK team is ready to provide you with informative details on this increasingly popular procedure. Call or email our office today for your free consultation.

Is Conductive Keratoplasty a permanent procedure?

Although most of our vision correction procedures are intended for permanent correction, the optical system will continue to change as we age. Although CK will address and treat farsightedness and presbyopia, a patient’s results do not come with a guarantee. We can assure candidates, however, that the vast majority of our CK patients enjoy long-term correction following this procedure. However, some patients notice a regression of this treatment and require additional CK years down the line.

How long after surgery until a person able to utilize their improved vision?

Following CK surgery, an individual should be able to see immediate vision results. However, one’s peak vision, or stabilized vision, may not become apparent for a few weeks. Patients may notice minor vision fluctuation prior to stabilization.

How much work does one need to take off for recovery following CK?

Because CK is minimally invasive, most patients are able to return to work the following day. Patients with tasks that require eye strain and heavy computer work may choose to rest their eyes for a few days before returning. Dr. Stuart Lewis can give patients more information during a free consultation.

Is CK a painless procedure?

CK is essentially a painless procedure. There may be mild discomfort involved, and some patients report a scratchy sensation. However, any discomfort should subside within a day or two.

What risks should I be aware of?

CK carries few risks, especially when compared to other vision correction procedures. Tearing, scratchy sensations, mild sensitivity, foreign-object sensation, and temporary over correction are a few of the more common side effects. The only risk that requires intervention is if the patient develops astigmatism after the treatment. A doctor will be able to discuss the risks involved during your free consultation.

Who makes a good candidate for CK?

Dr. Lewis will be able to answer this question, especially after a thorough eye exam. Generally, CK is recommended for patients with farsightedness of +0.75 to +2.00 diopters and for presbyopic patients over 40.