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Denver LASIK surgeon Dr. Lewis and his team rely on patient education to help each office guest achieve a high level of comfort during the visit and when questions or concerns arise. Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the LASIK procedure:

Complimentary LASIK Consultation Think of the LASIK consultation as “LASIK Open House.” This appointment is a time to learn all one can about the procedure, how it can help, and whether or not it is the best form of vision enhancement option at this time. Call or Email us to schedule an appointment.

What are the advantages of LASIK?

LASIK laser vision correction offers unparalleled vision potential where often our patients emerge from surgery with better than 20/20 vision! LASIK at Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. provides benefits above and beyond traditional LASIK centers. State-of-the-art equipment is used to reduce risk and increase patient safety.

Our Custom LASIK option offers patients numerous advantages, including fully personalized treatment and a broad range of correction opportunity. LASIK also offers vision improvement within minutes, meaning that many patients are able to see the clock on the wall immediately following surgery! LASIK also offers advantages over PRK – healing time is quicker and there is little to no discomfort associated with the procedure.

What makes a good candidate for laser vision correction?

LASIK is effective in treating patients with nearsightednessfarsightedness, and astigmatism. Although most patients make good LASIK candidates, the only sure way to know if one qualifies for LASIK is to complete a thorough eye exam with a qualified surgeon.

Factors like degree of refraction, corneal thickness, medical history, and current eye health are evaluated and any risk factors identified. Candidates must be at least eighteen years old and should not be pregnant or nursing. Contact Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. today to schedule a free screening.

Is laser vision correction safe and will it last over time?

The excimer laser has been used to perform refractive eye surgery since 1987 and corneal flaps, like the ones used in LASIK have been produced during eye surgery since the mid 1960s. Since the excimer laser emits light at a wavelength of 193nm, it can be used to remove corneal cells with an accuracy of 0.24 microns per pulse.

With this level of precision, the excimer laser does not cause damage to the corneal tissue immediately adjacent to the treated eye. It also prevents long-term damage to other parts of the eye. It simply removes a thin layer of non-regenerating corneal cells and re-shapes the front curvature of the eye so that light can be more accurately focused onto the retina. Because only a small amount of corneal tissue is removed during the procedure, the cornea is not significantly weakened and it becomes stable shortly after surgery. Although some fluctuation in vision can occur in the early postoperative period after LASIK, the vision usually stabilizes quickly and remains relatively constant for years following the procedure. Long term negative effects or stability problems are not expected. Vision after photorefractive procedures is not affected by high altitude or increased atmospheres of pressure.

Will LASIK eliminate the need for glasses?

Yes and no. Usually, laser vision correction will eliminate the need for distance correction. In younger patients, near vision is either improved or not affected. If perfect correction is not obtained, either thin glasses or contact lenses can be worn to improve the vision. A free enhancement procedure can also be performed on patients who fail to obtain the desired uncorrected visual result they were seeking. That is, if it is safe, we will provide an enhancement treatment without a professional fee for a period of one year following your initial surgery if you are unhappy with the result.

Patients in their mid-forties and older often suffer from a condition known as presbyopia – the inability to focus on near targets when fully corrected for distance vision. As this is a function of age related change inside the eye, it is not perfectly addressed by any of the current refractive procedures. However, as in the case of fitting patients above the age of about 43 with contact lenses, the non-dominant eye can be purposely corrected for near vision with the laser and thus allow patients to retain reasonable focus in one eye for near without the need for bifocals or reading glasses. We always recommend a contact lens trial of “monovision” correction to make sure one is able to tolerate it prior permanent correction.

What happens during the LASIK procedure?

Photorefractive eye surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. After having the preoperative evaluation, patients need to arrive at the laser center about 40 minutes prior to his or her scheduled surgery time. Eye drops will be given and Valium will be provided if necessary to help you with any anxiety one might feel. Patients are then escorted into the laser operating room and positioned under the laser. An instrument is placed to hold the eyelids open and then individuals are asked to look at a fixation light directly above while the laser is aligned. Treatment of one’s unique refractive error usually takes about a minute or two and attention is then turned to the second eye if both eyes are being treated. Patients are taken to the postoperative reception area and given instructions prior to being discharged. Total time at the laser center usually lasts no more than one hour.

Is LASIK painful?

Laser vision correction procedures are generally considered to be “painless” although patients do report feeling pressure. Prior to the procedure, the patient’s eye is numbed with eye drops (no injections or stitches are required) and they are awake during the operation. LASIK patients often feel a minor scratching sensation and/or dryness for the first three to four hours after surgery but most have essentially no discomfort by the morning after surgery.

How well does one see after laser eye surgery?

It is realistic to expect vision correction comparable to what one is able to see with a person’s present glasses and/or contact lenses. Almost ninety-nine percent of all patients see well enough to pass a driver’s license test without any correction after laser eye surgery. We cannot, however, promise that an individual will never wear glasses again.

While almost everyone has significant improvement in their uncorrected vision (what a person sees without any glasses or contacts), some patients may still need to wear a much milder prescription for reading or driving after the surgery.

Are there restrictions following laser eye surgery and when can I return to work?

Common sense should dominate a patient’s thinking after having laser vision correction. Although one can return to work the day following his or her procedure there are certain activities that should be avoided. Patients should not swim, use hot tubs, or steam-rooms for approximately one week following the procedure.

Participation in contact sports should be avoided for four weeks following laser surgery. All other activities (including showering) can be resumed immediately. Some studies have shown that the ingestion of vitamins (especially vitamin C) increases the likelihood of over-healing. Therefore, we recommend refraining from the use of vitamin supplements for one month following the procedure.

Does your office offer LASIK payment plans?

Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.C. believes in offering top technology while keeping LASIK affordable. A discussion with our financial coordinator will reveal how easily vision correction can fit into one’s budget. We also accept a variety of payment types, including cash, credit and checks. Payment for the procedure is required either before or upon check-in at the laser center. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER.