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Cherry Creek eye surgeon, Dr. Stuart Lewis and his team rely on patient education to help a person achieve a high level of comfort during his or her visit and when questions or concerns arise. Below are the answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Crystalens™ procedure:

What makes the Crystalens procedure so unique?

With Crystalens, patients will be able to focus easily between near and far distances naturally, and all distances in-between, whereas with traditional, single-vision lenses, patients are only able to focus at one chosen distance without external aid. Following Crystalens surgery, most patients can achieve sharp vision without the need for glasses or contacts.

Will a patient be able to read books and street signs with the same clarity following Crystalens?

Ideally, that is the objective. One’s eyes should be able to focus seamlessly between near, far and middle distances. However, we cannot guarantee uniform results for all patients. In fact, that is one of the problems with this lens. While some patients may experience perfect vision with all distances, others may see 20/20 near, 20/40 far, etc. Doctors can give a person a better idea of individual results during a personal consultation.

What is “middle vision” and how does Crystalens improve it?

Middle vision refers to one’s ability to view objects at intermediate distances, a classification lying between near vision activities like reading a book, or far vision activities like reading a road sign. The area at about arm’s length is considered a person’s middle vision. To give an idea of how the Crystalens procedure improves vision, clinical studies reported that over 96% of participants had 20/20 “middle vision!”

Who makes a good candidate for Crystalens?

Generally, patients with certain eye diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, and other limitations, and patients who’ve undergone prior cataract surgery, will not be recommended for Crystalens. And while an individual may be a good candidate “on paper,” we cannot recommend this procedure to a candidate until they’ve undergone a thorough eye evaluation at our Denver office. Dr. Lewis will weigh a variety of factors including current eye health and health history to determine if this procedure is right for them.

Is the Crystalens procedure safe?

Yes! Cataract removal has been performed routinely for years, and has evolved in terms of safety and effectiveness over time. The Crystalens replacement is made from completely harmless, FDA approved material. As with any surgery, there are inherent risks. Patients will have the opportunity to discuss risks and benefits of this procedure during the consultation.

How long will it take for a person’s vision to stabilize following surgery?

Following Crystalens surgery, most patients require a bit of time to obtain clear vision for all distances. While distance vision usually returns within a few days, they may need to wait longer to see results with his or her middle and near vision.

During the waiting period, reading glasses will be a big help. Generally, at the 2 week mark is when patients will begin noticing improvement. After a few months, one should reach their full vision potential. The surgeon will be able to give a patient a better estimate based on their current health and lifestyle information.